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80' FRP Luxury Yacht

Main engine (BAUDOUIN),gear box, propeller, C&N, generator set, battery set, S.S. anchor, fire fighting and life saving

The boat is a gliding luxury yacht used in sheltered water service. The hull is deep V style, single shipboard, single deck and transverse framing system. The stability and structural strength are all conform to the regulations issued by China Ship Survey Department.

The yacht has two engines, two oars and two rudders, which greatly improved its security and usability.

The whole line is smooth and the white hull brings us a fresh and bright feeling. The cabin is completely decorated by teak, which make it looks more luxurious. The layout is rational and the service facilities are modern. Upper of the yacht, you can drive in the open air, which makes you completely relaxed and happy. Guest rooms are luxurious, and salon cabin is spacious. It really is the first choice for business talking, tour and leisure activities. The yacht's name and port of registry are painted by red gel-coat, which are distributed on the corresponding places of the bow and stern.

length over all:24.38m(80'),

designed speed: ~ 19kn,


designed waterline length:21.205m(70'),


main engine:6CX-GTE2(500HP/2900rpm),




area: Coastal