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36.60m /120' FRP Tuna Longliner


length overall:36.6m,






area: offshore


Main engine, generator, gear box, battery, propeller, magnetic compass, VHF, refrigeration equipment

The ship is designed to carry out tuna fishing and ultra-low temperature of frozen and refrigerated single screw, single rudder and tail models offshore fishing vessel. Fish tanks equipped with foreign advanced refrigeration equipment, fiberglass liner with insulation effect, maintaining ultra-low temperature of -60 ℃ cryopreservation, catches after -60 ℃ frozen in frozen cabin moved to the fish cabin preservation. The longliner uses ultra-low temperature rapid freezing technology to make the temperature of the center of tuna fish drop to below -50 ℃ within a very short time, can maintain long-term biological activity and nutrient content of fish cells.