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32.98m FRP Trawl Fishing Boat

length overall:32.98m,

designed waterline length:30.18m,






holding force:25days,


area: offshore

300KW main engine, gear box, generator set, fire pump, steering equipment, console, main distribution board, accumulator cell, three phase transformer

radar, echo sounder, high frequency telephone, SSB, satellite navigator, wiper

32.98m standardized fishing boat is fiberglass, single deck, single machine, single screw, single rudder, after engine room, round bilge trawler. The main sailing area is offshore. The ship is trawling fishing boat. Fishing equipments mainly includes the tail roller, winch and other ancillary equipment. Use ice to preserve the fresh fish. The ship has been successfully included in the "national top ten standardization of fishing boat ship form" and get the best designed and built award. The ship has the advantages of smaller resistance and stronger wind resistance. At the same time, the ship is equipped with the new type of Marine engine, make the machine propeller and hull cooperate more harmonious, raised its economical efficiency, and carry out the reasonable changes of the ship cabin layout to improve the crew comfort.