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   Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., Ltd is a respected Chinese FRP ship manufacturer, jointly invested by China Composites Group Corporation and Shandong Xigang Aquatic Products Group. The company is specialized in designing, researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing FRP ships especially FRP boats as well as providing the boat-related training and other leisure services.

   The company possesses a total area of more than 20 thousand square meters, including a 150-meter long dock channel, a 2200 square meters of horizontally moving area, a 5000 square meters of slipway and more than 3800 square meters of FRP molding workshop. The company is also equipped with outfit workshop, machining workshop and locksmith workshop. It has an annual producing capacity of 50 large FRP boats and is qualified to design and build different types of FRP boats and ferries within 35m in length according to the requirements of the clients.

   The company has developed tens of different types of boats ranging from 3.8m to 35m and undertaken the national key technological program listed in the national Ninth Five-Year Plan , covering 24m FRP trawl boat, 33m FRP trawl boat and 30m FRP tuna fishing boat which have been successfully passed the check and acceptance conducted by Ministry of Science and Technology and Fisheries Bureau of Ministry of Agriculture of the P.R.C in 1999. The company has satisfactorily fulfilled the Ninth Five-Year Plan tasks of building the three types of large boat and filled up the blanks in China. The completion of the task is also ranked the first in self -designing and self-building such large type of FRP boats in China and set a solid foundation for Chinese FRP boat industry.